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Student Ministry

We value students at Cascade Community Church.   It is our purpose to walk with students in life as we lead them into living the life of Christ.  Youth ministry is fun, warm, and transformational!  We hope to see students connect, grow in God's love, and discover their purpose in life.  We do this by creating intentional environments for our Middle School and High School students to build relationships and hear the truth found in God's word.  If your looking for a place to belong, be loved, and grow in your faith, then we would love to start living life with you!

Student retreats and camps happen a couple of times a year. They are a time for students to step away from their routine life and be surrounded by God and His community! They continue to be the main way that God draws students into His truth and challenges them to live a life of action. It also reinforces relationships and faith based community that helps the student live out the convictions found during the week. 

Roots - Middle School
Thursday Nights 6:30-8:30

Middle School is often one of the hardest times in our lives.  It is a formative time that shapes a lot of our future through struggles, pressure, and change.  We want to walk intentionally with these students in this important part of their lives.  It is our desire that we can love these students and provide a safe place for them to have fun, be accepted, and become deeply rooted in Christ.  We want to instill foundational concepts in their lives that will help them stand strong when they graduate into High School. 

Roots is all about helping your middle school students become rooted in the love of their Heavenly Father.  We want them to graduate 8th grade ready to stand firm in the culture of High School.


@ Camp Bighorn

Middle School Summer Retreat

Encounter at Camp Bighorn
August 12 - 17, 2019

It is that time of year again! Encounter is our annual middle school summer retreat where we hope and expect that our students will meet with Jesus in a life changing way. The theme for Encounter this year is “Royal”. Scripture and history are full of royalty and kingdoms. Many people have lived, fought, and sacrificed everything for their kingdoms. Jesus invites His followers to be apart of His kingdom; the Kingdom of Heaven.
Join us this year at Camp Bighorn August 12-17 where we will explore Jesus's invitation to join His ranks and discover who we are in His eyes.

6:33 - High School
Wednesday Nights 6:33-8:30

At 6:33 we want to seek God first and learn to trust Him with the rest of life.  It's not just our start time...It's based on Matthew 6:33.  We want to be a group of students ready to live life with each other and encourage each other deeper into God's love and purpose.  Community , fun, and discovering what it looks like to live like Jesus are all a part of the experience you will find at 6:33!