So I tried posting this twice on Friday... 

Friday morning stared off with a challenging talk. The main take away was based off of a quote from C.S. Lewis. "Christians don't tell lies they sing them". We spend a lot of time singing, reading, and listening to Godly things. On the flip side, we spend very little time living our faith out.  What was the difference between the rich young ruler and the disciples?  The disciples acted on what they knew when the young ruler kept living the same. What was the difference between the sheep and the goats in Jesus' parable?  They both knew the same God; sang the same songs; worshiped in the same church.  The sheep allowed what they knew to change their lives into action.  

Friday afternoon was spent putting actions to our faith. Two groups went to love on orphans that will eventually be turned to the streets to fend for themselves. The other two groups went to feed villages of people that live on $40 a week. We touched, prayed, fed, and played with dozens of people that needed to experience and hear the love of God. This can easily become a memory. But we pray it becomes a lifestyle of application.  

Min the evening Eddie Passmore closed the week out with a message of application. What choices do we need to make to step into being a true disciple of Christ?  We need to say no to unhealthy friendships.  We need to be less captivated by money, possessions, and living like the world. We need to stop being so busy that we don't have time for God, his community, or his work. We need to stop practicing careless Christianity.  

We need to surround ourselves with friends that push us to Christ. We need to keep a spiritual survey of our stuff. We need to walk like Jesus and study and submit to the word of God. We need to start loving the lost like Christ and loving one another in our Christian community.  Tonight a lot of our students admitted that they needed to change the way they have been living back home. A larger understanding of Gods kingdom has been painted and they are wanting to respond!  Pray that they are able to process this on Sunday and be ready to start reintering the world they came from.