This morning Ron spoke from Luke 5:4-5

Radical Christianity gets a lot of air play. First Century Christians were burned as garden night lights.  A young couple sells everything and becomes a missionary in east Africa. But what does it take to be a radical Christian. Peter said "At your word I will..."  This was a decision to obey and simply go fish when he didn't feel like it. Peter learned to obey what he heard Jesus say. That is it for us!  Radical obedience isn't all of our students leaving their families in a week and living in a jungle fighting man eaters and elephants!  It's learning to listen to Him today and acting on it. How is God calling you to obey today?!  Jesus modeled extreme obedience!  Obedience to the Word. Jesus obeyed the Father. Jesus obeyed the Spirit. Jesus obeyed in the small things. This led to Jesus obeying unto death!  Pray for us as we learn to obey today!