This mornings message was incredible. Sometimes Missionary Speakers can come across one sided. "If you're not reaching an un-reached people group then you are not following the great commission."  Last nights speaker left with that message which was hard to process. This mornings speaker did a much better job framing the heart of Christ. We do have to acknowledge a huge problem.  1/3 of the world isn't being reached for Christ and we are NOT doing a lot to change that. 33% of the world claim Christianity (but how many actually follow Jesus). 38% have access to the gospel but choose to walk away. 29% have no access and have not heard the gospel message. We send 72% of our missionaries to the Cheistian group, 25% to the next group, and only 3% to the un-reached. That is a problem. But not everyone is called to go!  We are all called to live out the great commission in our own live and be open to sending and going to wherever God leads. He pointed out that we fail to live it out in our lives and local towns for three reasons. 1. We are blind to the clear message that we are all called to make disciples. 2. We don't acknowledge God's full authority in our lives. 3. We miss the point of how temporary our priorities in life are. If we could change these three things we would be more active in living a life that looks like Christ!  Pray for our students as they process God's purpose for their lives.