Membership Class



Membership Class


“The challenge of the modern Church is that we have too many people acting like guests when we are called to be hosts. Be hosts, not guests.” - Eugene Cho


A Call to Commitment

Membership is about ownership. Paul makes it clear to us in Romans that the church is made up of many parts and many giftings, each is critical to the body. At Cascade Church, we view membership as a significant commitment towards impacting our community with the message of the Gospel. Each of us have role to play. If you have chosen to call Cascade your home we would love for you to join the family at Cascade by becoming a member.

Why Membership?
Live life with other members of the family by remaining an active part of a community group, attending events, retreats, or classes.

Use your gifts, talents, skills, and time to serve the church and participate in Jesus’ mission in a ministry, on mission trip, or by volunteering in the community.

Members are asked to allow Jesus to have full control over their lives along with their finances. This allows Cascade to operate on a weekly basis and allows us as the church to generously give to make an impact in the world.  This includes sacrificially giving, growing in your giving, and starting with the Biblical model of percentage giving to Cascade.

Actively participate in continual learning and development via classes, Sunday School, or outside learning.

To find out about next steps or to sign up for our next membership class please email us at membership@cascadechurch.org.