Marriage Devotional Day 12 - “No. Seriously. You first.”

And further, submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.  Ephesians 5:22

Was there ever a moment in your relationship when you embraced this conversation? “You hang up first.”
“No – you.”
“No – I want you to go first.”
“But I want YOU to hang up before I do.”
Maybe that was just me. In fact, usually that conversation ended with the very first line….CLICK.
It’s a silly, lovesick moment in many of those early days of romance – but it sums up perfectly the essence of this passage. Submitting to one another spurs us to put the other ahead of us. It challenges us to consider more than our own thoughts and intents. It drives us to give rather than receive.
And in the early days of a relationship, this seems simple. We’re trying to win hearts. We’re laser focused on the wants and needs of the other. The laser can dim over time and can slowly become a floor light turned toward ourselves rather than away.
Success in mutual submission happens best when we recognize the impetus for that submission. In the early days of dating and honeymoons, it can be driven by emotion. Love, passion, or even the desire to ‘win them’ can drive us to consider the other before ourselves. But according to this passage, it’s a reverence for Christ that should be the force behind submitting to one another.
When that’s NOT the catalyst, submission becomes an afterthought, or worse, a chore! When Jesus is the motivation for deference, it becomes and act of worship, wholly pleasing to God.
Read Ephesians 5:21-33
So the next time you’re locked in a battle of “I don’t care where we eat, where do you want to go”, realize that you have a potential worship event on your hands!
Reciprocal yielding to one another is the quickest way to honor Jesus in your marriage.

For her: How do you give yourself up for him? What’s one way you can demonstrate that to him today?

For him: How do you give yourself up for her? What’s one way you can demonstrate that to her today?

For us: Spend the week saying ‘yes’ to one another.





Used by permission:  Cornerstone Christian Fellowship