Marriage Devotional Day 34- Non-Negotiable Terms

Again, you have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘Do not break your oath, but fulfill to the Lord the vows you have made.’  Matthew 5:33

As men, we are called to be leaders in our families, churches, and society. One thing that sticks out about the story of Noah and Abraham is the word “blameless” (Genesis 6:9, Genesis 17:1). This word blameless doesn’t mean perfect. In both verses, it is teamed with the phrase “walk faithfully”. You see we are called to walk with God and be the same person in private with Him that we are in public. The word “blameless” can also be interpreted “with integrity”.
One very practical way to learn to live “with integrity” is to define what are called “Non- Negotiable Terms”. These terms are terms that help define how you live out your role as a Godly man. They’re what a man is committed to. And when these are compromised, men become angry, unhappy, frustrated, depressed. When these non-negotiable terms are compromised, men will compromise their integrity. Non-negotiable terms can and should be defined by men in all stages of life (single or married).
I attend and participate in my church community on a regular basis
My family comes before my job
I start my day with devotions
I am faithful to my wife
Compassion for my family trumps my need to be right
I am a risk taker
I do what I believe is in the best interest of my children, even if they disagree
I do not indulge my addictions
I do not sell out who I am to please others

For her: When was the last time that you saw your husbandmodeling what it means to live with integrity? Take the time to affirm him by telling him the last time you noticed.

For him: First look at the areas in your life where you’re not the man you want to be. Maybe it’s as a father, maybe it is at work, or maybe it is with your relationships as a boyfriend or husband. If you were the man you wanted to be, what would you do differently? Start making a list of at least two non-negotiable terms that you want to live by as you live a life of integrity as a man. Discuss these with your wife.

For us: When can you find time to share a few non-negotiable terms that were created and pray together over them?





Used by permission.  Cornerstone Christian Fellowship