Marriage Devotional Day 32 - The Ultimate Gift

“Eat, O friends and drink; drink your fill, O lovers.”  Song of Songs 5:1b

Imagine that you have given a newly-married couple an incredible wedding gift: it’s timeless, visually appealing, fun and practical. But after opening it and unsuccessfully trying to use it, they throw it in a closet and rarely look at it. They never read the instructions and they didn’t want to take the time to figure it out. They neglect the gift because they don’t see how it’s useful. (But when they know you’re coming over they take it out to appease you.) You are frustrated with their lax attitude about your gift because you know how much it will change their life!
That might be how God feels when His children have that same mindset about the ultimate wedding gift He has given us.
God created sex for us to delight in, not to put away and take out only for special occasions. Instead of allowing it to unify our marriages, we sometimes let it become a place of dissension and division. Instead of reading the instruction manual God provided for us, His Word, we throw up our hands and believe the lie that it will never get better than this.
But that’s not how God designed this ultimate gift! He made it to be fun—richly enjoyed and often! The gift of sex is beautiful, erotic, mysterious and it gets better over time through communication and sacrificial love. Yes, it can be awkward too, but sexual intimacy (like marriage overall), is a journey, a long-term adventure for a couple to experience together.
God left no detail unattended in creating this gift, from our anatomy to the many physical and emotional benefits it gives us. It provides pleasure, intimacy and strength within a marriage. God intended sex to be a safe place of love, comfort and acceptance. It’s a holy, sacred act when a man and his wife make love, as they become one in body and soul.
And how beautiful is God’s design that He chose sex to be the vessel from which He creates new human life.
What a gift!
Enjoy walking in freedom and confidence to discover all that God intended sex to be in your marriage! May you truly “drink your fill, O lovers.”!

For her: What do I most appreciate about God for His gift of sex?
For him: What do I most appreciate about God for His gift of sex?
For us: How does the gift of sex benefit our marriage? (For inspiration and evidence of God’s care and design for sex, read Song of Songs together)




Used by permission.  Cornerstone Christian Fellowship