Marriage Devotional Day 26 - It’s All About the Approach, Part 2

“Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life. She will not hinder him but help him all her life.”  
Proverbs 31:11-12

Wives, today’s verse is about living out our God-ordained role in marriage: being our husband’s helper (Genesis 2:18). One way that we can help our husband and enrich his life is through sexual intimacy. When you got married, you can bet your bottom dollar that your husband desired and expected sex to be part of your relationship. Is that wrong? No! God created sex to be part of marriage.
Men and women are both called by God to be selfless in this relationship. Perhaps God designed men with stronger sex drives because He wants us to learn to love sacrificially, which usually means loving in a way that does not come naturally.
Wives, so often our thoughts and mental state prevent us from desiring sex with our husbands. What would it look like for us to rewire our thinking and change our approach! We must realize that the most important sexual organ God gave us is the brain! How can you learn to use it regularly and creatively in the bedroom?
Men are visual and physical creatures and abstaining from sex for extended periods of time hinders a husband and can increase his challenge in keeping his mind pure. If we aren’t stimulating our husband’s senses, sadly, someone else (be that a real person or through the media) eventually will. Making love not only brings pleasure to our man, but it protects him from an area of vulnerability that Satan frequently targets.
Wives, are there things we can do to place ourselves in an open and accepting place to receive our husbands physical approach? Get out of your comfort zone and initiate sex with your man! Dress provocatively and flirt with your husband! Light some candles or put on soft music. Figure out what steps you need to take to initiate sex with your husband.
Also, if you’ve believed the lie that it’s all about your husband, reject it and use God’s truths to encourage you. Sex wasn’t created solely for man; it was created for you too! Your husband can’t read your mind, so talk to him about your sexual needs or things you’d like in the bedroom. Then go and have some fun together!

For her: What do I need to change about my approach to sex with my husband? What sexual needs or desires do I need to communicate with my husband?

For him: What sexual needs or desires do I need to communicate with my wife? What do I need to change
about my approach to sex with my wife?

For us: How can we regularly communicate about our sexual desires or struggles?




Used by permission.   Cornerstone Christian Fellowship