Marriage Devotional Day 27 - When Satan Sneaks into your Bedroom

“Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.”
1 Peter 5:8

It brings Satan extreme satisfaction to destroy the beautiful union of sex between a husband and a wife. He likes to sneak into the bedroom and wreak havoc on this amazing, mysterious and erotic gift God has given us.
His attacks are so subtle; sometimes we don’t even notice them. Sometimes he attacks us with bad memories, with dreams, with lies or with condemnation for past mistakes. Sometimes it’s pornography or romance novels and the lie that they don’t hurt anyone—especially not our spouse. Sometimes it’s with excuses we make to avoid intimacy.
Satan loves nothing more than to prevent marital unity, of body and soul.  We must see this for what it really is: war against our marriage! We must fight him off whole- heartedly. When you’re in a war, you prepare and engage; you don’t sit back and wait for the enemy to attack again.
So what’s our battle plan?  We must communicate about what trips us up, individually and as a couple. We must confess to one another about our struggles with sexual intimacy and purity. While it’s a difficult conversation, it’s an important one in winning back any ground that Satan has conquered.
We must also make practical precautions as part of our battle plan. Consider:
Going to bed at the same time: this not only promotes emotional and sexual intimacy, but it can help prevent temptation to watch porn or inappropriate shows on late-night TV or internet time.
Installing internet monitoring on all devices with access.
Canceling magazines (Playboy, Maxim) or catalogues (Victoria’s Secret) that may be a temptation or insult to one another.
Removing access to X-rated cable channels and setting rating restrictions on media streaming.
Have an open-door policy with e-mail and social media accounts, where you are each free to log on and check each other’s activity.
Each finding a close friend or mentor to have as an accountability partner.
Talk about what promotes unity in your bedroom and engage in that.
Lastly, we must pray, pray for redemption and restoration. Ask God to reveal any specific areas of vulnerability. Ask God to protect your bedroom and allow your home to be a safe place for your marriage and sexual intimacy.

For her: How does Satan attack sexual intimacy with my husband?
For him: How does Satan attack sexual intimacy with my wife?
For us: Share how you see the enemy attacking sexual intimacy in one another. Find out if you really see how he is working. Talk about how you each answered the above questions. What precautions can we set up together to stop Satan’s attacks against our bedroom?


Used by permission.  Cornerstone Christian Fellowship