Marriage Devotional Day 24 - The Undisputed Champion of the World

Hatred stirs up quarrels, but love makes up for all offenses.  Proverbs 10:12

Have you ever had that dream when you were the undisputed champion of the world? Maybe it was the undisputed heavyweight boxing champion or maybe it was the champion of chess, Pinterest, volleyball, soduko, madlibs, dog training, or origami. There is an exhilaration that rises in you when you are the champion of something.
I believe there is something inside us that craves to be great. I believe there is something inside us that also craves to have championship marriages. We have this desire to walk arm in arm with our spouse with this accomplishment that says we are the undisputed champions of marriage. God made us for greatness, and He designed our marriages for greatness. The amazing part is that He gave us a powerful tool to use to take our marriages to the championship level.
Read Proverbs 10:12. When we have disagreements in our marriage we have a choice—let hatred feed the disagreement or let love cover it. God knew we would have differing opinions in our marriage, and He also knew that He made marriages for greatness, so He gave us the gift of something that is more powerful than anything else. Love covers ALL wrongs. Love does not take sides.
If love is allowed to do its work, it will always win. There is not a hurt, an offense, an annoying attribute that is more powerful than love. Love always wins. Love when allowed to flow freely and purely breathes life into relationships and our marriages. Love has been, is, and will always be the undisputed champion in any conflict, pain, hurt, disappointment, and betrayal.
Activating the love and allowing love to cover the disagreements and conflicts in our marriage will be the key to developing championship level marriages. I believe marriages were created for greatness. I believe your marriage was created for greatness! Let love lead the way in how you see, treat, and experience your spouse and I believe that it is only an amount of time before you will walk arm and arm and declare that you have the undisputed champion marriage in the world.

For her: What is one way you can actively love your husband today?

For him: What is one way you can actively love your wife today?

For us: How can we show each other love when we hurt/disappoint each other?


Used by permission.  Cornerstone Christian Fellowship