Marriage Devotional Day Eighteen - Cut Down in their Prime

You were running the race so well. Who has held you back from following the truth?  Galatians 5:7

We all know people whose lives ended right as they were in the middle of the prime of their careers, and they never got to live out the potential of who they could’ve become. Whether that be princess Diana, Heath Ledger, Paul Walker, or Amelia Earhart, we have seen people living lives on an amazing trajectory and then something cut in on them – pride, substance abuse, bizarre accident, temptation, etc.. – that drastically changed their futures.
Their potentials were suddenly and permanently cut short, some of these could have been prevented if they would have made changes in their life earlier.
Read Galatians 5:7. Think about this verse in the context of your marriage. Remember when
you got married and everything was going amazing. Remember the belief that anything could happen in your marriage and that nothing would ever come in between you. When did that feeling change? What disagreement cut in on you? What has kept you from living and/or believing in the truth that you unconditionally love your spouse and your spouse unconditionally loves you?
It is important to identify what cut in on your marriage so that you can address and deal with it together. Your marriage was made to be wildly successfully, advancing, growing, thriving, and full of joy and life. That is how God designed it. Don’t let anything cut in on you in the prime of your marriage or if it already has, it is not too late to make changes.
No matter where you are at, there is potential for the best days of your marriage to be ahead of you. It will take work, but it is so worth it. Together take the time to identify, discuss, and exterminate the things that have cut in on you. Your marriage was made for more.

For her: Where did you let a disagreement cut in on how you respect your husband?

For him: Where did you let a disagreement cut in on how you show value to your wife?

For us: What ground rules are we setting when a disagreement happens between us?





Used by permission.  Cornerstone Christian Fellowship