Marriage Devotional Day 13 - From the Mouth the Heart Speaks

In the same way, husbands ought to love their wives as they love their own bodies. For a man who loves his wife actually shows love for himself.  Ephesians 5:28

This passage speaks volumes on the condition of a husband’s heart. A man who loves, respects, values, and tends his wife’s heart surely cares for his own in a really healthy way.
But if that’s true – and we know it is because it’s scriptural – then the converse is also true. A man who is distant, manipulative, or disconnected at home has revealed the brokenness of his own heart.
The greater heartbreak in those moments is NOT that he operates in a place of damage. The heartbreak in that moment is that his wife probably assumes responsibility for his lack of attention and care.
A woman is wired to diagnose herself before others. “Did I do something to mitigate this?” A man is wired to look away from his own heart first. “This extraneous thing is the cause of A, B, or C.” So the tragedy happens when a man is looking away from himself to appraise his heart and a woman is looking into her own to assess him.
Read Ephesians 5:21-33
A man who is content with his own heart can truly love his wife the way he is called to by God to love her. And when he is immobilized to honestly examine his heart and make the necessary repair, he can never love her the way God intends. And he causes her deeper pain in not sharing that depth of emotion with her as she internalizes his brokenness.
May it never be! Love your wife by recognizing the condition of your own heart. Your actions are a revealing symptom of health or an indictment of disease. And wives, fight the urge to look inward too deeply and love your husband by tending his heart with compassion and care.

For her: Be intimately acquainted with your husband’s heart. Celebrate it when it’s healthy. Pray for healing when it isn’t.

For him: Know yourself. If your heart holds wounds that need tending, tend them or allow someone else to tend them. If your heart is healthy, thank God and rejoice.

For us:
Recognize the importance your hearts play in relating to and communicating with one another. Take advantage of some ‘pillow talk’ tonight celebrating the most attractive parts of one another’s heart. Think like this: “I love the way you’re generous with your compassion” or “Thank you for being attentive when we need to make decisions together.”





Used by permission.  Cornerstone Christian Fellowship