1. When you consider moving to a new area have you ever wondered what the stories are of the people in that neighborhood? 
  2. Pastor Nate said "Neighboring creates opportunities for us to connect our stories and our neighbors stories to God's story." What does it look like to make these connections?
  3. Read Luke 10:25-32. How do you answer the question in verse 29, who is my neighbor?
  4. Why do you think the two "good" men passed by the man who was attacked? 
  5. If we're honest with ourselves do we ever look for loopholes or reasons not to reach out to or help hurting neighbors?
  6. In verses 33-35 we read about a Samaritan, an outsider, who sees an opportunity to help rather than look for a loophole. Do you see opportunities to serve in your neighborhood?
  7. Jesus wraps up this story in verse 37 with the statement, "go and do likewise". Maybe we've heard this so often that we've abstracted who our neighbor is. But is it possible Jesus was referring to your literal neighbor?
  8. If you consider the neighbors God has placed around you, how many of them do you know the names of and how many do you know something deeper about their life? Many people know very little about their neighbors. Pray about ways you can take your neighbors from strangers to acquaintances to relationships.