1. What comes to your mind when you think of prayer?
  2. Do you ever wonder if prayer really works, or maybe if there is a specific way to pray?
  3. What is the point Jesus is making in Luke 11:5-13?
  4. Pastor Nate shared 3 surprises regarding prayer and with surprise # 1 he said everyone prays, even atheists, and most christians pray like an atheist. How do you feel when you hear this and how do we as christians keep from praying like an atheist?
  5. Surprise # 2- You have never experienced an unanswered prayer. Read Isaiah 65:24 Have you ever felt like your prayers go unanswered? 
  6. Surprise # 3- There is power in coming to God with clean hands. James 5:16, Luke 11:4, How do we come to God with clean hands?