When you believe prayer changes things you pray like prayer changes things. Join us as we continue our series on Prayer entitled Yes. No. Wait. In this message we look at what it means to pray with boldness because prayer really does change things.

  1. We said that, prayer occurs when you hear from God and He hears from you and that is when prayer changes things, when have you heard from God in this way?

  2. Have ever prayed personal prayer in your life, meaning you said words to God either in your heart quietly or out loud? Describe one time that you have prayed that you remember clearly.

  3. Read James 4:1-3 together, what stands out to you from this section of scripture?

  4. When have you forgotten to pray about a circumstance in your life?

  5. Read Mark 11:22-24, what does Jesus mean in this passage and how does that apply to our lives?

  6. Do you pray with boldness because you believe that prayer changes things? If so when have you prayed this way?

  7. Where in your life do you need to be praying about your circumstances with boldness?

  8. Where in your life do you need to be praying for direction from God?

  9. As you think back through your life is there anywhere you feel like God hasn’t answered your prayer in the way you wanted him to? If so, what have you done with that, have you wrestled with God about that?