Today we are looking at the essential foundation Jesus gave to the disciples for their prayer life.  These two words changed the paradigm for everything in their lives including the way they prayed.  Seeing God as "Our Father" changes the way we approach God, it changes how we pray, and it changes how we respond to our Father's answers.  We are no longer renters in the kingdom of god but "Children of the Kingdom of God"!

  1. Do you identify with the way the Pharisees and Gentiles approached God in Prayer?  Do you find yourself having cold dutiful prayers.  How often is prayer a last resort in your life?
  2. How does approaching God as "Our Father" changed the way you approach God?
  3. Thinking about the story of Jonathan Hayes... He went from being a guest in the Lodge household to a son.  Are you a Renter in the Kingdom or a Child of the Kingdom?  Have you gone through this paradigm shift?
  4. Take some time to talk through how praying with the foundation of "Our Father" changes the way you praise, obey, request, confess, and ask for protection?
  5. How do you respond to God's answer's differently as a child of God?  Is your relationship defined by Dependency and Trust?  How does this change His yes, no, and waits?
  6. Spend some time praying over each other for God to change our perspective and deeply believe Him to be "Our Father".