Read Ephesians 5:21-33 and be looking for you job description in marriage.  


  1. What do you see as your job description after reading this passage? 
  2. We know that men and women's are wired differently. Have you noticed that men and women notice different details for the same situation, like a babies name or how much an item is? How have you experienced this in your relationships?
  3. Women, when you see your job description in verse 24 do you agree or believe it brings harmony?
  4. Men, when we read about your job description in verse 25, do you see how your primary provision for your family is spiritual leadership? How has it looked in your life so far to lead in this way?
  5. How does the story in the book of Hosea provide an example of unrelenting forgiveness for us?
  6. Challenge for this week: ask your spouse how they feel most loved.