The beginning of strife is like letting out water, so quit before the quarrel breaks out.  - Proverbs 17:14

Here are a couple thoughts from this weeks message. As you read them discuss whether you've found these to be true in your relationships and what are some of the best ways to resolve them. 

  1. Anger based fights (conflict) are always about winning
  2. The problem: for someone to win, someone has to lose
  3. Every time you win, you lose a piece of your partner’s heart
  4. Winning is the quickest way to losing your relationship

Read Ephesians 4:22-27

  1. What if we were to say anger is not invited to our conflict? How would that change the dynamic our your relationships?
  2. Do you believe that any relationship can be healed, no matter how far gone it may seem? 
  3. Do you say the truth in love? v25
  4. How does the S.W.A.T acronym help us fight without anger?  
  • Schedule your next fight
  • Weapons (none allowed)
  • Avoid blame
  •  Treat with respect (1st Peter 3:7)