Welcome to week 2 of the 40 day marriage challenge! What we are doing together and the conversations we’re having have the potential to drastically move our relationships forward. The one that bothers you the most is probably the one that would benefit you the most. Let dig in and have a great conversation.

  1. What if marriage was never intended to make you happy? Is it possible that this mindset could actually set your marriage up for struggle?
  2. When you said you marriage vows... did you actually mean them... or were they based on expectations?
  3. If you're asking your spouse to fulfill your happiness aren't you asking them to do something only God can do? Maybe your perspective is contractual vs covenantal?
  4. God did not create marriage to make you happy. He created marriage to make you holy. What would happen if you stopped trying to fix your spouse and focused on making time together with God the main thing?
  5. Challenge #2: Starting this week, do daily devotions together as a couple
    Pray for each other, It's really hard to be mad at someone you're praying for.