To start our marriage series we first must jump back to the beginning to understand where it all went wrong.

Read Genesis 3:16-19

  1. How have the curses declared by God impacted your life or marriage?
  2. How has the desire/rule curse in verse 16 affected you personally?
  3. How have the curses affected your relationship with God?
  4. Do you agree or disagree with the statement "competing love is conditional love"? 

Read Genesis 2:18-25

  1. Here we see God adding to Adam's life with a helper. How has (would) having a helper in your life make you more complete?
  2. Since we are made to help each other why do you believe we compete so much? 
  3. Question to consider:  

    What would a great husband do for his wife? What would a great wife do for her husband? What would a completer do?