“When you live your life fully dedicated to Jesus you will look different, you will be an outsider.”

  1. What does it mean to have a Living Hope as followers of Jesus?
  2. Peter argues that how we live in a broken world matters greatly for eternity and for today, why do you believe he does this and how should you live in light of that?
  3. Thinking back to the story of Cambodian Killing Fields, what would it look like for you to have a perspective on suffering that says, "God make my back stronger."
  4. How has your encounter with God changed you?
  5. What does it mean to be done with sin? Is that you, are you done with Sin? is it undesirable or does it draw you in? Does it have a hold in your life?
  6. Read Galatians 1:10, then share an example of where you have stood up for your convictions and chosen to honor God rather than man?
  7. In reading 1st Peter 4:1-11, how should that impact our thinking about the necessity of evangelism? 
  8. If you are currently suffering in some way, share how you are and prayer together with your group or family regarding that suffering.