This week we look at some of the urban legends we hear for what it means to live generously. Maybe these urban legends are new to you or maybe you've heard these before.  Please spend some time discussing each one and see where you fit in. Maybe the Holy Spirit has something to say to you as you consider these urban legends. 

Have you heard these before? Do you believe them? What does scripture say about them?

  1. Urban Legend #1 “If I am generous with my TIME and MONEY I won’t have enough for myself.” see Acts 2:42-47

  2. Urban Legend #2
    “Once I get _________________ then I will be generous .” see David's Response in 2 Samuel 24:24

  3. Urban Legend #3
    “The church is just after my time and money” 

  4. Urban Legend #4
    “My generosity of time and resources should come out of my abundance.” see Acts 4:32-35