Inheritance is the STUFF we leave behind, Legacy is the IMPACT we leave behind. -Pastor Nate

Read 2 Corinthians 5:13-17

  1. As we reflect on 20 years of God's faithfulness to the work He's doing through us at Cascade, what has been the most impactful part of Cascade's ministry to you so far?
  2. How do you believe you have been a part of ministering to others during your time at Cascade?
  3. Pastor Nate had 4 points as he discussed what it mean to live because Jesus died for us. How do these points influence you and your next season of ministry at Cascade?
    1. We don't live for ourselves
    2. We live with abandon
    3. We are a new creation
    4. We are being changed 
  4. Let us focus on transformation and ask "God what is next me?"