Today was a blessing!  We had an unbelievable amount of fun with the children and youth.  It's amazing how well our students are connecting with them in spite of the vast language barrier.  We have close to one hundred students coming every day.  The youth who are believers are intense worshipers.  It's fun to see our students sucked in and the other non-believing students watch with smiles on their faces.  They are having fun in a christian community and picking up on it being different than everything else in the world.  This morning we made a devotional for them and had it translated in Khemi.  One of the videos shows the students reading it, answering questions, reading the Bible, and being shown how we connect with God.  Many of them were talking to the pastors and Cambodian leaders.  Amazing!  Please keep praying for a spiritual impact and safety for our team.  So far we have only had one mild belly issue!  That's pretty amazing!

This is the first devotional half of these students have ever experienced!

This is an insane game that they absolutely loved.  The guys lock ams and the girls try to pull them all completely apart.  You would think it was a brawl at times if it wasn't for the laughter