I will post pictures tonight.  We had a full day yesterday with travel and ministry in Prey Ving!  It took us three hours to drive out yesterday.  When we were close to our village we found our bus to be too big to enter the small farming road.  So we hired a flat bed truck to drive us into the farming community that we were ministering to.  It was a bumpy ride that led to incredible ministry.  We had an opportunity to split our team and work with 100 students and 250 children!  The team did great playing with the nationals and presenting the gospel to them.  We were able to share the truth of Christ and help these students and children connect to the Pastor who lives in this community and has established a church here.  The three hour trip home felt much longer!  But our students really connected with a group of Cambodian students that came to help us.  By the time we got back to Phnom Penh the team was tired and ready to sleep.

Today we start our three day camp to reach the students here in Phnom Penh.  Bora has decided to keep the camp here in town to make it possible to reach more teenagers.  Schools are still testing here and it has made it difficult to have students leave town.  We are eager to see how many will come and connect with our team and the message of Jesus.  Please pray for us as we change our camp plans and get ready for this outreach.  Our students are really enjoying this opportunity and have done an amazing job loving the Cambodians and presenting the message of God's love!  Today Lauren will be sharing her testimony and several of us will be helping on the Cambodian worship team.  We have a full day of games, connecting, and presenting the gospel to students who have yet to hear about God.  Please pray that God will continue to direct and use our words and actions!