Worship with the Cambodian church was pretty amazing!  It was incredible to see the students finally connecting with the people we have been praying for.  Mitch did an incredible job preaching and encouraging us all to make our relationship with Jesus the top priority in our lives. We went to the S-21 facility.  This was the high school that was converted into the primary place of torture and murder during the Khmer Rouge reign from 1975-1979.  It was hard to come face to face with this history of evil.  God did show us something in the midst of this.  As we talked with Pastor Bora an interesting question was brought up.  Did the Hindu's and Buddhist pray for rescue?  Bora told us that in this faith people don't really expect answers to prayer.  They don't expect their god's to rescue or provide.  There are no miracles for them.  There is no relationship and there is no comfort.  This is the hope we have come to bring.  We have a God who promises to be a Father to those in need.  We have a Father that listens and responds to our prayers.  We have a savior who suffered alongside us and brings comfort and healing.  Please pray for us as we find words to deliver this message of hope to a nation in need!