We made it in last night and settled into the hotel around midnight.  It's 6:00am right now and the team is still sleeping.  Mitch is preaching in Bora's church at 9:00am.  Please pray for him to have encouraging words.  It's such an honor and blessing to worship with the Cambodian Church.  We really feel like we are worshiping in the New Testament Church!  We are in the minority and it has never felt more important to Love God and Love People!  These are the few believers that God has chosen to spread his Gospel and reach the unreached.  Less than 3% of this country follows Jesus and this morning we get to worship with them!  

Please pray for the group for our afternoon time.  We will be taking in some very heavy content and embracing the darkest part of this cultures history.  We will be visiting the Killing Fields where close to 3 million Cambodians were murdered just 50 years ago.  This will be hard for the team to take in.  Please pray that God uses this to bond the team to the culture and open an avenue for the students to make an impact.  Pray that God opens their eyes to see that they get to make a positive impact and fight against the evil that touched these people.  We can be used to be a light and a healing balm of God to a nation that damaged.  Please pray that our students will be able to process such deep and heavy content in a way that is redemptive.