Did you know that there are currently 7.38 billion people on this Earth? The population has been broken down into 16,547 people groups. As of today, 6,693 of those (40.4%) fall into a category called “Unreached People Groups” (UPGs) By definition, these groups lack enough followers of Christ and the resources to evangelize their own people.

Our focus in 2017 as a church family is to read through the Bible. We have amazing resources available to help us accomplish that task: Over 50 translations in English, computer programs, phone apps, even dramatized audio files. Unfortunately, a large majority of the UPGs do not have access to the Bible in any fashion. Even more challenging is the reality that most of their cultures are still far more oral than written. 

Now, more than any time in history, Christians with a passion for reaching the unreached are rising to the challenge. Through audio bibles in partnership with MegaVoice, Pastoral Training, and missions teams, Cascade Church is dedicated to reaching those who have neither the resources or opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel.

Please be considering how you and your family can respond with generosity this Easter.

Our Goal is to Purchase 625 Audio Bible Players at $32 each this Easter, Will You Join Us?

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