Last year we raised money to purchase and distribute solar powered audio recorders and to provide leadership training around the globe for unreached people groups. This year, we’re continuing along those lines but now want to focus on the most vulnerable of those groups… the children. 

Fostering and adopting has always been a big part of the culture here at Cascade Church.  This value naturally leads us to care for those outside of our immediate families.

We believe that reaching kids in these countries by meeting their practical and spiritual needs will carry over the gospel’s impact from generation to generation in their home countries.
There are 3 tangible ways we believe we can accomplish this: Clean water, medical care and education. Through the installation of wells, the building and operations of medical clinics and providing biblical education materials, families needs are met and the gospel is received. 

One example of how we will do this is to partner with Pastor Aaron Day and Crosswater Church by joining the work already underway in a village in Burkina Faso called Vatao.  Because of the remote location of Vatao, many injuries and preventable illnesses go untreated, and the mortality rate of infants is high but we believe that the plans for a well and medical attention can reduce or even eliminate this risk posed to the children

A recently completed medical clinic in another village in Burkina Faso has had a dramatic impact on the wellbeing of it’s community and has seen the infant mortality rate decrease to zero.

Our generosity goal this Easter is to raise enough to support the effort in Vatao as well as other similar projects in strategic locations and to bring the good news of Jesus to those who have not yet heard.

Will you consider joining us? The Reach Offering will be collected on Easter Sunday and online. Thank you for partnering with us in helping the unreached children of the world.


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