Psalm 1 speaks of two paths, the path of righteousness & the path of wickedness. When we choose to live life according to God’s design we will see blessing and those blessings lead to joy both in this life and in the life to come, but the path of the wicked ultimately perish. We see in Psalm 1 that what we meditate on helps us choose which path we are on.

  1. Read Psalm 1 and make a list of what the "blessed" person does and what the "wicked" person does.
  2. Verse 1 says a blessed person will not take counsel from the wicked. What are some ways you could receive wicked counsel?
  3. How can someone avoid "walking in the counsel of the wicked?"
  4. Verse 2 tells us to meditate on the law of the Lord. Give an example of how someone might meditate on the Word of God "day and night".
  5. What do you meditate on most throughout your day. Do these things point you back to God?
  6. After reading the Psalm, are there any specific actions you feel you need to take regarding you relationship wit the Word of God?