The first Christ-followers lived in a time/place that was hostile to their faith. Peter (yes, that Peter) was a leader who wrote words of wisdom and encouragement to Christians in a foreign land.

Read 1st Peter 1:1-12

  1. As a christian do you feel like an outsider in a foreign land? If so why, and how long have you felt this way?
  2. Sometimes the circumstances in society or life can rise up and cause us to forget how big and good our God is. In those moments when we are so focused on our circumstances which of these do you find yourself most prone to?
    1. Challenges to your faith
    2. Your joy being stolen
    3. God's glory is eclipsed by circumstances
  3. In Christ we have an inheritance that is eternal and focusing on that is a way to help shift our perspective from our circumstances to our Living Hope in Jesus. Nate shared 3 ways that looking ahead enables this shift. Which one of these is God working with you on this week?
    1. Your faith being proven or improved
    2. Increased joy
    3. God revealing His glory to you in a new way
  4.  As christians we don't have to be influenced by this world but sometimes it is hard with what we put in front of ourselves. Which of these ways below would help you have a Living Hope this week?
    1. Changing time spent on news/social media vs prayer/scripture
    2. Finding a way to encourage someone
    3. Finding a way to serve someone
    4. Share your hope in Jesus with someone