Read Acts 2:22-41

  1. In verse 40 Peter pleads with the people to save themselves from a corrupt generation. You may have noticed that this world is a mess. Is there anything on this earth that can fix our broken state? What do you find your hope in and why?
  2. In verse 22, what do you think it means that Jesus was accredited by God? What makes Jesus different?
  3. What do you think it means that Jesus is both Lord and Messiah in verse 36?
  4. How does Peter tell us respond to the good news of the Gospel?
  5. What reasons do we have to be assured of the authenticity of Jesus being Messiah? How can we know He is alive today?


Peters sermon gives us much hope even while living in a broken world. Pastor Nate offered us a prayer as we reflect on this passage and our role in this world.

“Jesus, I recognize that I contribute to the pain in this world. Please forgive me and change me. I believe you are the only hope of the world. I give you my life. Please fill me with your Spirit and help me to live a life of love. May the change in our world begin with me.”