We all leave something behind. The stuff we leave is divided up through a last will and testament. But what about the actual impact we leave? That's part of our LEGACY! At Cascade, we believe God has given clear focus to living a life that really makes a difference.

  1. Read Mark 12:28-30 Do you Love the Lord your God? What would you say is that state of your relationship with Him?
  2. If you feel far from God do you know how to reach out to Him for comfort? Read John 15:1-17
  3. Do you trust God's word that He loves you and wants a relationship with you?
  4. Here is a prayer of encouragement. Read it out loud if you like! “Father, this year I am yours. I see how you love me and I want to love you right back. Please make my life fruitful. Increase my joy, deepen my love and keep me close to your heart. I want to please you this year no matter what else happens in my life. AMEN”