Our culture is always shifting. Society tells us who we should be as men and women, but its message keeps changing. But, the Bible teaches us exactly who we are—men and women created equally but uniquely. God’s beautiful design for us is true and perfect, leading to joy and fulfillment.

Read Psalm 8:3-8, 139:13-16 & Genesis 1:26-28

  1. What spoke to you/stood out to you/resonated with you from today’s message? 
  2. Before today, when you heard “created in God’s image”, what did it mean to you? 
  3. Why is the creation of humanity different from the rest of God’s creation? What are some clues to this reality?
  4. What are some ways that our culture devalues or minimizes human life? Abortion, racism, classism, ageism, etc. Have you been personally involved or impacted by any of these? This could be with you as the object (the one being devalued) or the as the subject (the one doing the devaluing). 
  5. As a believer with a solid understanding of “Imago Dei”, how should this impact the way we live our lives? We would see and treat others as the valuable, beautiful creation of God, regardless of anything else (e.g. race, appearance, class, contribution, age, beliefs, etc.).