Today we close the series out with the story of Samson.  Unlike the other Judges, Samson was a likely leader.  Samson was graced with good looks, charisma, strength, and a supernatural calling to bring about God's purpose.  However, he used all of these things for his own purpose and glory.  Samson was the most likely Judge.  But the likely often make themselves king.  And when we become king we find out how unlikely we really are.  Lets learn today from Samson's negative example.  What does it take to live an unlikely life?

1.  As you read the story of Samson what stands out to you?  Does it surprise you to see him make so many mistakes?

2.  Why do you think God allowed him to continue and strengthened him for the fights?

3.  How was Samson blessed and how did he use those blessings?

4.  Read Titus 2:11-12

    What impact has God's grace had on your life?  Do you feel that it has produced holiness in your life?

5.  What is the difference between Grace being defined by it's benifits v.s. Grace being defined by it's great cost?

6.  How does the example of Saving Private Ryan compare to our response to God's grace?

7.  When we understand how unworthy we are of God's grace, when we understand the great cost of Amazing Grace, when we make our lives more about God and less about ourselves; then we begin to live an unlikely life.  What does it look like to live a life in response to God's grace?