Today we wrap up our series, Joe's Playlist, in Genesis 46-50 with the theme of Salvation and we see this reinforced in a passage we've been referring back to in Acts 7:9-10 "  ...But God was with him and rescued him from all his troubles..." At the end of Joseph's story Gods wins and that is important for us to remember as well in the middle of our own story. 


  1. The road of life is long and winding but we have our hope in God and know that in the end he wins. What are ways you remind yourself of that and continue to live with integrity?
  2. In Genesis 50 Joseph's brothers become afraid of him after their father dies because they fear he may not have really forgiven them. Do you still hold on to unforgiveness? Is there someone in your life that may be afraid of your unforgiveness? 
  3. What fear do you have that keeps your eyes from seeing God working? Is it the political climate in our nation? Ask God to remind you that our human leaders are not more powerful than our good God and Father. 
  4. What are some ways you can live beyond yourself as a disciple is Jesus and encouragement to the world?