Josephs' family was pretty messed up but there's always hope that God is still working in our circumstances. This week Pastor Nate took us through the story of Joseph's betrayal in Genesis 37:1-36 as his brothers sold him into slavery. Even when all seemed lost God we are reminded "But God..." in Acts 7:9-10. This week you may be reflecting on some family wounds that you have received during your life but as we'll see in Joseph's story God has a redemptive plan in all of it. 


Read GENESIS 37:1-36

  1. The story of Joseph teaches us many things but one key thing is that you can overcome imperfect parents (or siblings). What is one way that God's has worked in your life to help you overcome past family hurt?
  2. We may be in the middle of a hard circumstance that remind us of Josephs story. Are you able to remember that God is still at work and the story isn't over? What helps you remember that? 
  3. Read Acts 7:9-10 Even when we think all is lost we need to be reminded "But God..." to show us that there's hope. How can your community come around you to remind you God is still working?
  4. Spend time in prayer for one another that we would remember that we can have hope in God's power and process as He work in our lives.