This week we're starting a new message series called Joe's Playlist where we will be exploring the life of Joseph in Genesis 37-39 and today's talk was about dreams, but not dreams that you have while you're sleeping, more like dreams that are visions of/for your life. Joseph had a couple dreams and even though they were from God they got him into trouble. 

Have you had dreams that you believed were from God?

Use the questions below to aid in your group discussion as you study Joseph's story.


Read Genesis 37:1-11

  1. Have you ever had a dream for your life? Do you believe it was from God? If you feel comfortable, share your dream with the group.
  2.  Have you been able to discern if your dream is from God versus it being your personal ambition?
  3. During the message it was mentioned regarding our dreams that we often get the issue right but the timing wrong. Was the issue and timing right in your dream?
  4. Did God have something to develop in you before the dream could come to fruition?
  5. If God is having you wait it may be a time to focus on character growth while you wait. Is God bringing something to your mind? Ask for prayer while you wait and seek to be faithful during this time.