Read Haggai 2

  1.  In verses 1-9 we see a warning that Pastor Mike referred to as "This is not that" meaning we tend to get stuck in a preference battle or may think things of the past are better than current things. Where in your life or maybe even how you view the church have you seen yourself get stuck on your preferences?
  2. In verses 10-19 we see a reminder to stay focused on our walk with God and a warning that Proximity to or contact with a holy thing doesn’t automatically make you holy. Are there ways in which you may have allowed yourself to drift in your walk or allowed yourself to believe that works of some sort are a reasonable replacement to your active walk with God?
  3. In verses 20-23 we see that with God we have a glorious future but we have to finish in Him. What are some things that you look forward to in you eternal future with Him?