1. Kaitlyn and Amy asked the question, "What does it mean to be a woman?" and they shared some of the ideas they have heard, what stood out to you and what do you believe it means to be a woman?

  2. Read Genesis 1:26-31 and then talk about how you see Women being created for Relationship, Leadership, and Responsibility?

  3. How do you see the roles of men and women being portrayed in our culture today and how does that align or not align with scripture?

  4. Read Genesis 2:18-31 and discuss what Nate described as the term "Helper" from the Hebrew word "ezer", what does this word mean and how do you see it working itself out in your life?

  5. Discuss how Genesis 3:1-16 caused brokenness in femininity through sin, what were the results of Eve's sin?

  6. Thinking about how God is redeeming femininity, reflect for a moment on Ephesians 2:1-5. How does this passage encourage you in your walk and as you views other in your life? 

  7. For Women: How can you embrace who God designed you to be in your life?

  8. For Men: How can you support the women in your life in the process of embracing God's design?