This week we dig in to a topic that could be fraught with baggage for many people but be reminded that God loves us and forgives us even when we sin.

Instead of questions this week we'll have more general discussion points that could flow freely as you work through them. As you ponder them, consider what scripture has to say about each point as well as try to discern how you have agreed to disagreed in your thoughts and actions up to this point in time. 

Read 1 Corinthians 6:12-7:5

  1. The Gift of sex: God is for sex, He created your body for sex, He created your body for sex in marriage
  2. Honor God with your body: if you're not married... say NO to sex, if you are married... say YES to sex
  3. Honor each other: serve your spouse by meeting his/her needs, communicate your needs and desires, don't use sex as a lever to manipulate one another
  4. Biblical reasons to have sex in marriage: pleasure, children, oneness, knowlegde, comfort, protection
  5. Biblical reasons to NOT have sex: physically separated, illness, childbirth, working through a problem