Connecting the Dots
9:30am in CLC 202 - Beginning September 10th

The church's twenty-one century journey since the time of the Apostles.  Join us for this class as we examine the history and growth of the church and learn how our yesterdays deeply influence our today, and our tomorrows.

On Mission is an ongoing class to inform, equip and encourage the Cascade family concerning God’s heart for all people beginning in Monroe and reaching to the nations.  Come discover how you can be involved in God’s global work! Drop in any Sunday.   

What Did You Expect?
September 17 - October 15
9:30AM in CLC201

Because marriage always involves two sinners living together in a fallen world, reconciliation must be part of daily life for you and your spouse. Tripp's six practical commitments - including facing failure, being willing to change, and embodying Christ's love - will show you how to grow a thriving grace-based marriage in all circumstances and seasons of your relationship.

Join us for this new class for married couples.  We'll be set up in a small group format, and coffee and tea will be available.

The Prayer Room
Sundays at 8am in CLC102

Cascade's Prayer Room is open every Sunday to pray for you, or have you join us in prayer.  Pastors and elders are available to spend time with you if you have a prayer need.